Onondaga County New York Broadband Plan

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Onondaga County No Infrastructure Map

Onondaga County plans to award an $11 million contract to Verizon to expand broadband service to underserved rural areas identified on this map. Courtesy of ECC Technologies

“…Onondaga County will provide an $11.1 million grant to Verizon to extend fiber-optic broadband service to hundreds of customers who lack it in rural communities, County Executive Ryan McMahon and Verizon announced today. The project aims to make broadband universally available in the county.

A little more than a year from now, Verizon promises to provide broadband service to an estimated 1,500 customers along 214 miles of roads where broadband is currently unavailable. In addition to the grant, Verizon plans to spend $6.7 million of its own money on the project, county officials said.

After the fiber is in place, the lowest price internet plan for residential customers (300 megabits per second) will cost $50 a month, Verizon said. Connection speeds of up to 940 Mbps will be available. The minimum price for business customers will be $69.

Eligible low-income households can get service for free through the federal Affordable Connectivity Program, Verizon said. Customers can qualify if they meet income guidelines or if they participate in benefits programs such as SNAP or Medicaid.

Verizon submitted the winning proposal in response to a request for proposals issued by the county in June, after legislators authorized spending up to $15 million. County officials noted that Verizon provides its Fios broadband service elsewhere in the county and that the service is “reliable and consistent.”

The county will use some of the $89 million in federal stimulus funds it received from the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act for the $11.1 million grant. In addition, Verizon plans to spend $6.7 million of its own money on the project, a larger investment than other bidders offered, county officials said.

McMahon announced plans for the rural broadband program 2021. Later that year, the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board conducted a countywide survey that identified at least 193 miles of road with 1,471 households and businesses that lacked broadband service.

After the contract is executed, Verizon plans to complete construction within a year in suburbs north and west of Syracuse, and within 16 months in suburbs southeast and southwest of the city, the company said…”



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